To build a strong platform for action oriented partnership and mutual strengthening of the capacity of stake holders through sharing of experiences, views, ideas, policies analysis and collective action to influence the government policies and programmes by providing policies alternative and recommendation through proper channel. To improvement of social and economical standards as well as quality of living through sustainable natural resources management on land, water, forest, mining and disaster related to their local resources activities under different natural disaster slum areas of general public, poor and needy communities like child ,women, old aged, Disable persons,Farmers,SCs,STs, OBCs,Minorities and Daily labourers.


The state level apex consumer welfare based civil society organization by the name of NIHIDA is a leading voluntary action oriented society, where the basic needs and its concerns of the development for poor, women, child, old aged, disabilities, youths, farmers, BPL families, SCs, STs, OBCs, MINORITIES communities, small and marginalized people, animal welfare, human rights issues/act, PCR ACT, RTI ACT, activities are ensured of integrated development and provide technical support for their livelihood management, Training, research, lobby, policies advocacy etc. program will be implementing through micro level and macro level growth for promotion of different organization for a self sufficient society.


The main aims and objectives of NIHIDA,ODISHA civil society consumer voluntary organization is serving and working at neglected areas and /or groups for illustrative categories of odisha state as follows:-